Disrupted Lives

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you know how your life has been disrupted. You may be losing income because you cannot work, and in extreme situations you may have a disability that will last a lifetime. You have prescription drug expenses and hospital or doctor bills. You want to be free of these financial concerns so you can focus on healing and recovery. A fair settlement will enable a car accident victim to maintain a good quality of life and look after their family.

How do you achieve that settlement? If you’ve been injured by another driver’s negligence, you are entitled to compensation from his or her insurance company. In many cases, there will not be enough coverage for all of your injuries, and you may be entitled to money from your own insurance company.  But insurance laws and regulations, particularly those involving Florida No Fault benefits, can be challenging to understand — and reimbursement of expenses can be difficult to obtain.

Also, Florida’s traffic laws are governed by a principle called “comparative negligence.”  That reduces the amount of compensation you receive if you are found responsible for any portion of the accident. The lawyers at Gilman Law LLP understand those laws and work tirelessly to minimize their impact on our clients, ensuring they receive a full and fair settlement.

If you’ve been in a Florida car accident, please note there are specific time limitations on filing a legal action to recover for your injuries. It’s important to act promptly.  Also note that special rules govern the liability of government agencies involved in car accidents. For instance, special notices must be filed against the government unit responsible for your injury — and within a certain time period before filing a lawsuit. A missed deadline or a mistake in filing could mean that you forever lose your right to recover damages for your injuries.