Overtime and Wage Disputes

Florida Overtime and Wage Dispute Lawyers

For over 40 years, the attorneys of Gilman Law LLP have fought for the rights of Florida workers, and have successfully represented victims of overtime disputes and other wage and hour violations.  If you were denied overtime or other rightfully earned pay, you may be entitled to file a wage and hour lawsuit seeking compensation for your back pay and other damages.   The overtime and wage dispute lawyers at Gilman Law LLP have extensive experience with the laws governing employment claims, including the federal Fair Labor Employment Act (FLSA), and the federal Equal Pay Act.  We have successfully represented Floridians in wage and hour lawsuits involving:

  • Misclassification of independent contractors
  • Overtime Issues
  • Wage Act Violations
  • Unpaid Wages
  • Failure to pay minimum wage

The Florida overtime and wage dispute lawyers at Gilman Law LLP can help you and your fellow employees get the justice you deserve.  If your employer made you work off the clock, misclassified your position as exempt to avoid paying overtime, or committed other wage and hour violations, our Florida wage and overtime dispute lawyers will see to it that you recover all of he back pay and damages the law entitles you to.

Florida Overtime and Wage Dispute Lawsuits

In Florida, overtime pay and wages are governed by the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).  In most cases, the FLSA stipulates that an employee be paid an overtime rate of pay equal to 1 ½ times their normal wage when they have worked more than 40 hours in a week.  There are, however, some employees who are exempt from the FLSA’s overtime pay rules, and these generally include those engaged in executive, professional, administrative, outside sales or computer-related occupations.

Generally, any employee who makes a yearly salary of less than $23,600 can be awarded overtime pay. Likewise, non-management employees performing manual labor or repair, secretarial, kitchen or clerical work are usually permitted overtime pay. Most commission-based workers can be awarded overtime, unless they travel regularly. Salaried employees who earn less than $455 per week are allotted overtime. Salaried employees that earn more than $455 per workweek can also receive overtime unless their job duties qualify for an exemption.  Tipped workers, like bartenders and waiters, are also entitled to overtime pay.

Some ways employers wrongfully deny overtime pay to workers include:

  • Misuse exempt employee classifications in order to avoid overtime pay.
  • Attempt to avoid overtime by paying a “salary” to non-exempt employees.
  • Require employees perform work “off the clock.”
  • Refuse to pay for essential preparation time, such as time needed for putting on safety gear.

In an overtime dispute claim, you may be able to go back as many as three years to recover unpaid overtime wages. If you successfully pursue your claim, you will be awarded overtime wages that you should have been paid, as well as interest and attorneys fees. The Court may also award you an additional amount of “liquidated damages” equal to the amount of overtime that you should have received.

If you have been denied your rightfully earned pay, don’t hesitate to call Gilman Law LLP’s overtime and wage dispute lawyers today. Negotiating with your employer could put your rights in jeopardy, and cost you valuable time and money.  Our Florida overtime and wage lawyers will thoroughly investigate the circumstances of your case, and use all of their experience to make sure you receive the pay, benefits and other damages the law says you deserve.

Legal Help for Victims of Overtime and Wage Disputes in Florida

Like most states, Florida imposes a strict statute of limitations on overtime and wage dispute lawsuits.  To increase your odds of obtaining the full compensation the law allows, it’s vital you contact the experienced Florida employment lawyers at Gilman Law LLP today.  The attorneys and professional staff of Gilman Law LLP are available now to answer all of your legal questions.  Please complete our online form or contact Gilman Law LLP at (888) 252-0084 for your free, confidential, no-obligation case evaluation with one of our overtime and wage dispute attorneys today.