Pool Accidents

Swimming is among one of the most popular recreational sports in the State of Florida. Swimming pools should always be happy and safe places for Floridians to use. It is unfortunate that each year in America thousands of families are faced with a swimming pool tragedy such as drowning or near-drowning, especially among families with young children.

According to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), an estimated 400 children who are under the age of five drown in a swimming pool. Furthermore, the commission has discovered that the number of children who had been admitted to the emergency room for treatment from drowning during a pool accident is more than 2,000 children, who are only under five years of age.

What is even more disturbing is the information found related to swimming pool accidents after the CPSC did a nationwide study of the swimming pool accidents, including those incidents which resulted in death and near-death drowning. The state of Florida was one of the top three states in which home swimming pools were used for much of the year and found to be amongst the most popular swimming pool states, along with California and Arizona. Statistics observed from this specific study include the fact that 1 to 3-year-old male children were most likely victims of tragic and near-death drowning in residential swimming pools. Another finding was that the percentage of children who have suffered from a pool accident was much greater for those between ages one and three. In fact, 75% of all those pool accident victims fell between the ages of one to three years old.

After the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission concluded their study, they accurately came to the conclusion that the most efficient way to reduce the amount of children drowning in residential pools is for the pool owners to construct and maintain their premises to prevent young children from gaining access to the pool. Even with proper barriers to prevent children drowning in place, there is no substitute for proper supervision of the child in areas with water such as pools.

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